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Building connections within our minds, bodies and each other. Working in North Yorkshire, the North East of England and Online.

“Everyone's journey is unique, and sometimes you can feel alone in what you experience. Your life circumstances do not need to dictate your life ahead; given the space, knowledge, skills and tools, we can be empowered and enlightened”

Verity Green


I have experience working with a wide range of issues, but I've developed a particular expertise in a few areas. If you're struggling with long-term conditions, disability, trauma or overwhelm, I'm here to support you through those difficult times. I have experience working with fostering and adoption, emotional dysregulation and sensory integration. This website can give a better idea of areas of which I work in, and may help you find relief and healing. Wishing you all the best in your journey.


Counselling services - one-to-one and group, online and in-person.


Face-to-face and online, including psychotherapy and British Sign Language

Research & Bespoke

Research undertaken for NHS, Social Care and Third Sector.

As part of my own understanding of long-term conditions and disability, I qualified initially as a physiotherapist and after undertaking several research projects, realised mental health was a gap between physical and mental health, particularly for deaf and deafblind people. Click below to read more:

General Counselling and Psychotherapy

Coming alongside you in your personal journey to make a difference in your life; to keep well or to face something that has become distressing or overwhelming

Long-term Conditions and Disability

Managing long-term conditions and disability is unique to each person, and sometimes we can feel quite alone, especially if compared to others with the same condition, or if we have multiple conditions/disabilities. Life can also send its' challenges: what worked for you several years ago may no longer work for you any more, and that can be highly frustrating. It is no failure on your behalf. Come for a space to explore what is happening and create some new strategies and skills to empower your journey onwards.


Some things in life can become overwhelming to us; psychologically, physiologically, physically and/or emotionally. We may have words for it, we may not. It is important to feel safe when processing trauma, and a stepped approach can be reassuring. Feel free to ask for more information to discuss this further - wherever you have therapy, it is important you feel confident in the therapist and next steps.

Fostering, Adoption & Dysregulation in Families

Parenting does not come with a rule book! Neither does fostering, adoption, kinship caring, special guardianship or any sort of parenting or caring where there is emotional dysregulation present. This may be from overwhelm from the environment, transitions, school, unknown diagnoses or neurodiversity. I am passionate about supporting the parents and family, because to keep you well, will support you in the family as a whole, whether engaging with services, each other or just yourself. Contact me if you wish to discuss this more.

Transitioning and Disenfranchised Loss

Working with people who have suddenly been discharged from the military, or become injured or acquired a disability or diagnosis, they describe a change in their life which they cannot explain. You are no longer the person you once were and it does not look like it will ever come back, but this does not get understood by anyone. Just because you have not experienced the typical 'loss', it does not mean you are not experiencing grief and change.

I Have Experience With…(BSL video)

My Approach & Philosophy…(BSL video)

My Approach & Philosophy

Do you feel something has shifted in who you once were? You might have a sense of what it is, or not yet able to put a name to it. Do you feel the need to talk to someone in confidence, who will give you the space and skills to explore and not judge you?

My journey alongside thousands of people, and my own (more in the 'About Me' section), has given me a deeper understanding of not just what might physically trouble us, but the emotional battles and human spirit we hold within ourselves and with each other. It is with understanding of ourselves and the safe space to explore this, that we can come to a greater understanding of what we can influence within our lives.

I want to support a transformation towards healing, whether the connection within yourself, or with others. As a therapist with over 25 years of professional experience as a physiotherapist/physical therapist, integrative counsellor, teacher, supervisor, researcher in healthcare and family carer, I hope to offer the unique blend of experience that can walk alongside you on your journey and understand the unique position that you bring.

Whether you seek support for a health concern, long-term condition, or are struggling with relational dynamics or trauma; I am here to be alongside you on your journey to healing. Let's embark on this transformative path together.

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